Friday, June 3, 2011

mY 1st 2weeks in here.. PMC

salam update .
Huh~ such a bored thing here .
Maybe at the first time i am the one who was very excited because I can continue my study without any problem perhaps. But now , I'm getting bored . Juz becoz the facilities given was vey unsatisfied for me. U know ?? No WiFi in my room !! Gosh~ So, I have to 'travel' to the other block if I want to make myself on the LINE ..!! One more , I also was been separated with all my formal practicumtes! Gotting new practicumates was very good . Coz I can get more friends here . But , I didn't n couldn't see anyone who was has 'same head' with me .  They all like a bookface student like to reading book everytime . That was a bad news for me . But I hope I will used with it . I aslo getting new roomates n they seem like a caring n talkative n cheer person to me . But , if compared to my old roomate , they (old roomate) was very2 good n best!

p/s : nta ape aku mrepek actually aku pun tataw . Nie sbb ............... la . Pengaruh aku tlis blog in ENGLISH . Mawu tak broken...


  1. haha..xmo jd doc...
    nk jd engineer lar..hee~
    pa pe pn..tnkiu..